Institute for Women Entrepreneur Excellence

Leading Women Program

Our intensive program is tailored for tech-based female founders, co-founders, and CEOs, with a sharp focus on equipping them with the essential skills required to thrive in today's highly competitive business arena. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating resilience through entrepreneurial leadership within a cohort-based learning environment. Our program is intentionally structured to foster peer-to-peer networking and the development of meaningful relationships, providing a supportive ecosystem for growth and success. Depending on the session, the program format is a three, four, or one-week format.

Leadership and Communication

  • Exploration of Leadership
  • Well Spoken Entrepreneur/Executive
  • Trust-Based Selling
  • Closing the Gender Confidence Gap
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Building Credibility
  • Power of a Team
  • Board and Management Effectiveness

Real-World Perspectives

  • Doing Business With Government
  • Business-to-Business Engagements
  • Access to Capital Perspectives and Risk
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • State Government
  • Federal Government
  • Accelerator/Incubator

What's Your End Game (Development Plan)

  • Developing Your Breakout Image
  • Personal Goals and Development
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • What's Your Next?


Introducing our two-day intensive workshop designed exclusively for graduates of the Leading Women Program. This program has evolved based on valuable feedback and experiences shared during the pilot phase, with the goal of delving deeper into aspects critical for building a successful business. Our intensive workshop centers on areas we've identified as commonly lacking in knowledge, depth, and experience, particularly concerning the crucial back-office functions that support operational business activities. This intensive workshop is your opportunity to enhance your entrepreneurial skill set, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome challenges and drive you business toward success. Join us as we explore these vital areas and empower you to excel in the competitive business landscape.

During this workshop, we'll tackle five essential topics:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Alignment and Focus
  • How and When to Grow


This program opens once a year and is specifically designed to empower high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship. It begins with a one-week immersive experience, followed by an internship opportunity with TEDCO, where participants will provide support to portfolio companies.

During the immersive phase, students will be fully immersed in the realities of entrepreneurship, gaining invaluable insights into what it truly takes to build a company from the ground up. The curriculum blends business strategies and theories with practical, hands-on workshops through individual and group assignments. This approach encourages teamwork and allows students to refine their idea formation and pitching techniques.

Upon completion of the immersive program, participants will transition to the internship phase. This internship experience with TEDCO will include onboarding, an overview of program expectations, an introduction to the portfolio companies involved, and the assignment of intern portfolios. This holistic program aims to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey, regardless of their background or circumstances.